are modifying tail lights for mitsubishi pajero 2006-2020 LEDs?


The Mitsubishi Pajero, also known as the Mitsubishi Montero or Mitsubishi Shogun in different markets, has been produced in various models and trims over its production history. Here are the main types and generations of the Mitsubishi Pajero:


  1. First Generation (1982-1991)
    • Initially offered as a three-door short-wheelbase and a five-door long-wheelbase version.
    • Included models like Pajero Junior and Pajero Mini, which were smaller variants.
  2. Second Generation (1991-1999)
    • Introduced more refined styling and updated engines.
    • Featured models like Pajero Evolution, a high-performance variant built for rallying.
  3. Third Generation (1999-2006)
    • Brought a unibody construction, improving on-road handling while retaining off-road capability.
    • Advanced features like Super Select 4WD II and improved suspension systems.
  4. Fourth Generation (2006-present)
    • Updated design with modern amenities and advanced safety features.
    • Variants include different trim levels and special editions tailored to various markets.

Variants and Trim Levels:

  • Standard/Base Models: Basic trim levels with essential features suitable for off-road and utilitarian use.
  • GLS/GLX: Mid-range trims offering additional comfort and convenience features.
  • Exceed/Super Exceed: Higher-end trims with luxury features, enhanced interiors, and advanced technology.
  • VR/VR-II: Sports-oriented trims focusing on performance and style.
  • Limited Editions: Special models released periodically with unique features, colors, and badging, often commemorating milestones or events.

Specialized Models:

  • Pajero Mini: A smaller, kei car version of the Pajero, designed for the Japanese market.
  • Pajero Junior: A compact SUV variant, larger than the Mini but smaller than the standard Pajero.
  • Pajero iO/Pinin: A smaller SUV with off-road capabilities, sold in some markets as the Mitsubishi Pinin.
  • Pajero Evolution: A high-performance variant designed for rallying, specifically for the Dakar Rally.

Market-Specific Variants:

  • Montero: The name used for the Pajero in the Americas and Spain.
  • Shogun: The name used in the UK and some other European markets.

The Pajero has been known for its versatility, durability, and capability both on and off-road, catering to a wide range of customers and markets with its various models and trims.