modified car led tail lamps for Land Ranger Rover chinese factory,



Car LED tail lights are typically red or yellow for various reasons related to safety and regulatory standards. Let’s explore these reasons:

  1. Visibility and Safety: Red is a color that is easily visible, especially in low-light conditions. It is associated with brake lights to indicate when a vehicle is slowing down or stopping. This helps enhance safety on the road by making it clear to following drivers that the vehicle ahead is decelerating.
  2. Standardization and Regulations: The color of automotive lights is often regulated by government authorities to maintain consistency and reduce confusion on the road. In many countries, red is the standard color for rear lights, including brake lights and tail lights. These regulations contribute to uniformity in vehicle lighting systems, ensuring that drivers can easily interpret the signals of other vehicles.
  3. Turn Signal Indication: While red is commonly used for brake and tail lights, yellow or amber is often used for turn signals. This color variation helps distinguish between different functions of the lights. The amber color is easily recognizable as an indicator that the driver is planning to make a turn or change lanes.