customizable led replacement DRL lights for nissan teana chinese factory,


Customizing LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for your Nissan Teana can enhance both the appearance and visibility of your vehicle. Here’s a general guide on how you might approach this:

  1. Research and Purchase:
    • Look for LED DRL kits that are specifically designed for the Nissan Teana model.
    • Ensure that the kit is labeled as “plug and play” for easy installation.
  2. Gather Tools:
    • Check the kit for any specific tools required. Typically, it should require basic tools like screwdrivers and pliers.
  3. Prepare the Vehicle:
    • Park your car in a well-lit and spacious area.
    • Disconnect the car battery to ensure safety during installation.
  4. Remove Existing Lights:
    • If your car already has DRLs or similar lights, remove them carefully.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult your vehicle’s manual for guidance.
  5. Install the New LED DRLs:
    • Connect the new LED DRLs according to the kit’s instructions. Usually, these kits are designed to fit into existing spaces in the car’s front bumper.
    • Ensure a secure fit, and make sure all the connections are tight.
  6. Wiring:
    • Plug the new lights into the existing wiring harness if it’s a true “plug and play” kit.
    • If additional wiring is required, carefully follow the instructions provided. Connect the wires as directed, ensuring they are secure and properly insulated.
  7. Mounting:
    • Securely mount the new LED DRLs in the designated spaces. This might involve using screws or clips provided with the kit.
    • Double-check the alignment and positioning to ensure they look symmetrical and are in compliance with local regulations.
  8. Test the Lights:
    • Reconnect the car battery and test the lights before finalizing the installation.
    • Ensure that the DRLs are functioning correctly and that they switch on and off with the ignition.
  9. Adjustment:
    • If the kit allows for adjustment, make any necessary tweaks to the positioning or angle of the lights to achieve the desired look.
  10. Compliance with Regulations:
    • Be aware of local regulations regarding the color, brightness, and usage of DRLs. Ensure that your modifications comply with these regulations.
  11. Professional Assistance:
    • If you’re unsure about any step or if you’re not comfortable with the installation, consider seeking professional help.

Always refer to the specific instructions provided with your LED DRL kit, as different kits may have unique installation requirements.