vehicle modified headlights for honda HRV 2019 Chinese factory,



If you’re looking for customizable headlights for your Honda HR-V 2019, you might consider aftermarket options that allow for personalization. Keep in mind that customization options may vary, and it’s crucial to ensure that any modifications comply with local regulations. Here are some general suggestions:

  1. Customizable LED Bulbs: Instead of completely replacing the entire headlight assembly, you can start by upgrading the bulbs. Look for LED bulbs that are compatible with your Honda HR-V’s headlight system. Some LED bulbs offer customizable colors and brightness levels.
  2. Color-Changing Halos or LED Strips: Halo rings or LED strips around the headlight can add a unique touch. Some aftermarket kits allow you to change the color of these accents, giving you a customizable and eye-catching appearance.
  3. Projector Headlights with Customizable Features: Consider aftermarket projector headlights that come with customizable features such as different lens styles, LED colors, or integrated accent lighting. These headlights often offer a more modern and distinct look.
  4. Smoked or Tinted Lenses: If you’re interested in altering the appearance of your headlights, you can consider aftermarket lenses with a smoked or tinted finish. However, be sure to check local regulations regarding headlight tinting, as there are often restrictions to ensure proper visibility.
  5. DIY Customization Kits: Some companies offer DIY customization kits that allow you to modify your existing headlights. These kits may include things like color films, custom bezels, or other accessories that let you personalize the look of your headlights.
  6. Professional Customization Shops: If you want a completely unique and professionally customized look, you may consider taking your car to a professional customization shop. These shops can offer a range of services, from custom paint jobs to intricate headlight modifications.

Remember to check the legality of any modifications in your area, as certain alterations to your vehicle’s lighting system may not comply with local regulations and could result in fines or other consequences. Additionally, be aware that modifying your headlights may impact their performance, so it’s essential to prioritize safety and functionality.

Always research and purchase aftermarket parts from reputable sources to ensure quality and compatibility with your Honda HR-V model. If you have any doubts or concerns, consulting with automotive professionals or enthusiasts can provide valuable insights and guidance.