car led modified lighting for new Honda Civic 2016-2021

If you’re looking for new LED lamps for your Honda Civic, you can find a variety of options for both the interior and exterior lighting. LED lamps are known for their energy efficiency and brightness. Here are some common types of LED lamps you might consider for your Honda Civic:

  1. Headlights: LED headlight bulbs can provide better visibility at night compared to halogen bulbs. Make sure to check the compatibility with your specific Civic model.
  2. Fog Lights: Upgrading your fog lights to LED can improve visibility in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Turn Signals: LED turn signal bulbs can enhance the visibility of your turn signals.
  4. Interior Lighting: You can replace the stock interior bulbs with LED equivalents to give your car’s interior a modern, clean look.
  5. Brake Lights: LED brake lights can respond faster than traditional incandescent bulbs, potentially improving safety.
  6. License Plate Lights: Upgrade these to LED for a cleaner and brighter look.

When buying LED lamps, be sure to check the compatibility with your specific Honda Civic model, as the requirements can vary depending on the year and trim. You can find these LED lamps at various automotive parts stores or online retailers. Always make sure that the products you purchase meet legal requirements in your area, especially when it comes to headlights and brake lights, as different jurisdictions have regulations regarding brightness and color.

All of my factory modified LED headlights are all able to make DOT, CE, EMARKS and EAC certifications.